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by | Nov 29, 2018 | Assisted Living

In New York, seniors who aren’t able to live completely independently could choose in-home nursing instead of a nursing home. The selection allows the senior to remain in their home and receive individualized care. The at-home nurses provide care and assistance throughout the day and night. A home care agency in Glen Head coordinates in-home care for seniors now.

In-Home Assistance With Daily Tasks

Nursing care is available at the senior’s home, and skilled professionals are assigned individually. The nurses provide seniors with assistance¬†performing normal daily tasks such as grooming, bathing, and getting dressed. Seniors with mobility issues require a helping hand during the day, and the nurses help the seniors maintain their dignity and privacy.

Light Housekeeping and Errands

The staff performs light housekeeping for the seniors to include washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and keeping the home tidy. Some nurses will take out the trash and dust if the seniors need assistance with the tasks. Select staff members will also run errands for the seniors or take them to medical appointments.

Meal Preparation Services

The in-home nurses prepare the senior’s meals throughout the day and the evening. The meals are prepared according to the senior’s dietary requirements and restrictions. Nurses can communicate with the senior’s doctor about dietary and nutrition needs. If the senior is on a restricted diet due to an existing health condition, the in-home nurses follow the doctor’s instructions when preparing the senior’s meals.

Companionship and Support

Seniors receive a new friend and companion through in-home health services. The nurses are trained to provide compassionate care and provide a confidant they can discuss anything with. The nurses provide support and encouragement for the seniors as needed to keep the seniors motivated and engaged.

In New York, seniors receive in-home nursing care when they require assistance frequently. An in-home nurse could provide the help the senior needs regardless of whether the senior is recovering from an illness, surgery, or has been diagnosed with progressive disease. At-home nurses perform a variety of tasks such as meal preparation and administration of daily medications. Seniors or families who want to learn more about the services are encouraged to contact a Home Care Agency in Glen Head or get more information here now.

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