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Sports Physical Therapy in West Fargo, ND Helps People Return to Normal Activities

When professional athletes are injured, they participate in physical therapy to speed their healing and get them back on the field, court, ice, or wherever it is they need to be. Other individuals who engage in athletic activities for fun or for fitness goals also benefit greatly from Sports Physical Therapy in West Fargo ND if they become injured. In fact, research indicates that physical therapy can be essential for a full, fast recovery.


Sports Physical Therapy in West Fargo ND can be a major line of defense for preventing an injury’s effects from getting worse. The therapist designs a customized program for the patient that includes sessions at the clinic along with exercises to perform at home. Exercises generally focus on improving range of motion and muscle strength.

At the clinic, a therapy assistant may move the patient’s affected limbs to demonstrate exercises and also to help the person heal. This kind of active-assisted exercise is very beneficial for certain injuries and chronic physical disorders.

Therapy Overview

During the initial appointment, the therapist asks the patient about symptoms and which activities improve or worsen those symptoms. The therapist has already reviewed the medical records and learned the doctor’s diagnosis and the treatments that have already been provided. The therapist advises the patient about which activities to avoid for now.

During ongoing evaluations, the program is modified as the patient progresses in recovery. Gradually, this person can begin participating in more strenuous exercises.

Phases of Therapy

Therapy at a clinic such as RehabAuthority commonly is divided into three phases. The first phase is intended to control inflammation and pain. The patient may not be able to perform any exercises at all until the injury has healed to a certain extent. Active assistance may be employed to keep the affected area flexible and prevent weakness.

The second phase involves movement in a restricted mode, so the individual does not worsen the injury. The third phase allows progressive improvement until the person can return to normal activity. Please visit the website to learn more about sports injury recovery at this facility.

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