Sports Rehab Physician: What They Do

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Physical Therapy

Most people think that a sports rehab physician is only available to athletes. While these people and those who work out often are bound to see the benefits of going, average individuals can, as well. Anyone who is in need of joint pain relief can go to such a therapist. You can get help with both chronic and acute spine pain. Degenerative spinal conditions, fibromyalgia, and disc herniation can all be treated. Plus, you may find that your headache is caused by a vestibular or neck problem. There are a variety of treatments to help prevent headaches or decrease their intensity and duration.

Metropolitan Physical Therapy, LLC, provides more innovative solutions for pain and management. You know that being in pain is an awful feeling, but you may not want to take a lot of medications. Plus, often meds only mask the issue, so it never heals and stops. The goal here is to find a solution that helps you repair the muscles and strengthen them so that you can do your normal activities without worry. Then, the physical therapist will talk to you about what to do and not do so that you don’t aggravate the injury or re-injure yourself.

Dry needling in Lafayetteis one of many alternative medical techniques that is quite similar to acupuncture. Where acupuncture focuses on the flow of energy within the body (to help create a healing effect), dry needling uses evidence-based guidelines or trigger points. It can be used to reduce stiffness and pain in the muscles. You may also notice a better range of motion and more flexibility when those trigger points are released and eased. Many therapists now use it in conjunction with other treatment options with good results. If you’d like to consider a different approach to your pain, now might be the time to visit the website and learn more about the staff.

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