Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA Removes a Substantial Obstacle

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Healthcare

Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA is useful for helping people with a range of physical disorders. These devices are typically installed indoors, although outdoor models are available as well. People who would otherwise not be able to move to an upper level of the home can now do so safely. There is no need to fear any risk of falling and becoming injured.

Individuals who suffer from paralysis or extreme weakness of the legs cannot climb stairs. They need a wheelchair to move around. Outdoor ramps and building entrances without stairs have become standard. However, that doesn’t resolve the problem of indoor staircases or exterior stairway entrances that are relatively steep. Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA provides a device with a chair for the person to sit in while the equipment travels up and down the stairway.

Other health problems make it difficult for a person to safely manage stairs. Some individuals have trouble with balance and coordination, for example. This becomes particularly hazardous on staircases. People with severe back or joint pain may no longer be able to climb steps without aggravating their discomfort. The simple act of moving their legs in this manner can lead to a debilitating episode from which it takes hours or even days to recover. Other individuals have degenerative bone disorders that cause problems with their hips or knees. They may be planning to have hip replacement or knee replacement surgery in the future but are not yet ready. Unfortunately, not everyone is a suitable candidate for these operations. All these people appreciate having another easy and safe way to traverse a staircase.

People are no longer relegated to the lower level of the house, unable to reach the bedroom they used to sleep in, an upstairs TV room or a hobby room. They may even miss the view they used to enjoy from the upper story, where windows provide a better vantage point. Stair lifts from a company such as McArdle Surgical turn an insurmountable obstacle into an ordinary and easily manageable feature of the house. The equipment improves the quality of life and overall well-being.

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