Stair Lift Safety Options for Senior Citizens in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Healthcare

If your senior loved one has mobility problems, then you should consider mobile stair lifts Pittsburgh PA. They help prevent accidents and provide elderly adults with more independence in their homes. Here are some safety options that mobile stair lifts can offer aging adults.

Moveable Footrests

When your senior loved one reaches the top or bottom of the stairs, he or she will need to stand up to get out of the chair. Mobile stair lifts in Pittsburgh, PA have moveable footrests so that before the person stands up, he or she can reposition the footrest out of the way. If the footrest did not move, the elderly individual would have to step into a dangerous or unnatural position, raising the risk for an accident or injury.

Swivel Seats

Another safety option on mobile stair lifts is swivel seats. When the senior is able to swivel the seat into a position that is conducive to standing up, he or she is less likely to get hurt or fall. Swivel seats can also be folded up when the stair lift is not in use so that more room can be made for other people living in the home when going up and down the stairs. The seats also come equipped with sturdy seat belts for an added measure of security and protection while your loved one is traveling up and down the stairs.

To learn more about mobile stair lifts in Pittsburgh, PA, call McArdle Surgical.

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