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Ten Ways to Manage Anger: Helpful Tips for Brain Injury Survivors

Brain injury can change a person’s behavior and attitude. It is normal. Accident or traumatic injury can lead to brain damage and even if it gets treated, it tends to change a person’s way of dealing with their emotions and behavior. If you had been on an accident, check these 10 ways to manage anger: tips for brain injury survivors as it might help you.

Apparently, most people with brain injury suffer from uncontrollable anger even after survival. Different researches have been conducted to help survivors of brain injuries in dealing with their anger. So far, here are 10 tips on how to manage anger among survivors of brain injuries.

  1. When you are feeling angry or starting to get angry, remind yourself of your innate power. You are more powerful than the situation.
  2. Consider the way you interpreted the situation. Maybe you are misinterpreting it or seeing it differently.
  3. When angry, stop. Think! Get a pen and paper and write your feelings.
  4. When you start feeling tense, try to move more slowly. Stop thinking. Change your focus.
  5. Know your body’s reaction. If you know your body language, you will know if you are getting angry before you feel it.
  6. Learn to do proper breathing and some relaxation techniques. It will help you clear your mind.
  7. When your body starts to tremble, try to think of something else. Distract yourself.
  8. When you are getting angry, remember how difficult it is for you to be angry. Tell yourself how good it is to stay calm.
  9. What makes you happy or calm? Identify these things.
  10. Remember practice or ideas that helped you calm down. It might come handy next time.

There are more ways out there than these 10 ways to manage anger: tips for brain injury survivors that you can use. These are not bulletproof tips and it works differently for each person. Pick the ones that work for you then move on to find other tips that might work for you.