The Advantages of Going to a Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Louisville KY

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Weight Loss

A medical Weight Loss Clinic in Louisville KY allows clients to achieve successful results under the supervision of a doctor. Instead of only focusing on the type of diet they’re eating, clients also can receive physician-recommended weight-loss supplements and appetite-curbing products.

Psychological Defeat

Many people feel as though they have been at war with excess pounds for years. They either can’t get below a certain weight level, or they lose weight and gain it back. This can be a psychologically destructive battle, as these individuals start to feel like failures for being unable to achieve or maintain their goals. They feel trapped in a body that they feel is unattractive. At a medical Weight Loss Clinic in Louisville, KY, they learn strategies to finally get down to their optimum weight and stay there.

All-Around Wellness

The practitioners at a boutique facility such as InShapeMD emphasize all-around wellness. That is appealing to people who want to improve their general health and well-being and also revitalize their appearance. They can receive hormone therapy there if they choose to and the doctor agrees it’s a suitable option. Other nonsurgical anti-aging treatments also are available. Anyone interested in this kind of clinic may click here to get started.

The Advantage of Heightened Trust

Research has found that people trying to lose weight tend to take the effort more seriously when they are being guided by a medical professional. The clients may trust these practitioners more than they do other weight loss counselors, and they respect the high level of knowledge that medical doctors have. They don’t worry about eating a diet that is too low in calories, or that doesn’t contain enough nutrients because they know the doctor is focused on healthy results, not just quick weight loss.

The Importance of Small Successes

Medical care practitioners also understand the importance of reducing body weight as little as 5 percent to start. In other weight loss organizations, that small amount may be depicted as insignificant. However, when an overweight 200-lb. a person loses 10 lbs., that can lead to a remarkable reduction in problems with blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

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