The Benefits of Companion Home Care in Jacksonville FL

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Health Care

All too often elderly people are home alone all day every day because adult children need to go to work or live a long distance away. The results are loneliness, depression, isolation, and a loss of skills. People need personal interactions to thrive, maintain current skill levels, and occupy their time. Even a few hours a day, a visit three days a week, or one day to get out of the house and go grocery shopping makes a substantial difference in the quality of life.

Affordable Companionship

This service is affordable and flexible depending on which agency is chosen. Compare pricing, services, and requirements for employees of different agencies when seeking Companion Home Care in Jacksonville FL. Not only will pricing vary, but services vary as well. Some agencies, for example, do not allow home health aides to transport clients in personal vehicles. So much for getting help in the grocery store.

Range of Service Providers

An agency that only provides home health aides will be of no use if the client comes home from a hospitalization and will need pain and medication management for the short-term. That requires skilled nursing care. An agency that offers a wide range of professionals to accommodate all home health needs, such as Family First Homecare Jacksonville, can easily modify services to meet any need at any time.


The level of training offered by an agency makes a significant difference in the quality of Companion Home Care in Jacksonville FL. A companion poorly trained in pivot transfers can cause injury or pain to the client, injury to herself, or damage to durable medical equipment. Proper training, annual refresher training, and workshops throughout the year create a safe and secure environment for everyone involved. Feel free to Visit the website to arrange for a free in-home assessment to begin services.

Length of Services

Needs can be met twenty-four hours a day on a short-term or long-term basis. The assessment will determine professional recommendations and family members can discuss how much help is needed. If adult children can be available in the evenings for meal preparation, for example, the health aide may only be needed four or six hours a day. The flexibility accommodates budgets and specific needs of each new client.

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