The Benefits of Scheduling an Open MRI in Orlando for Claustrophobia

by | Apr 26, 2024 | Imaging Centers

If you are like many patients, the thought of an enclosed MRI causes fear and anxiety. On top of that, you may worry about your physical comfort during the exam. Fortunately, open MRI machines are becoming normalized in various areas. This is why many patients are turning to Orlando MRI for claustrophobia.

Provides Peace of Mind

Feeling scared, anxious, or claustrophobic is enough to avoid scheduling the MRI altogether, even if the test is essential for diagnosing an illness or injury. With an open MRI, you have peace of mind knowing you are not going to feel trapped inside a small space, encouraging you to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Does Not Restrict Movements

In addition to the mental anguish, traditional MRI machines make it difficult to get into a comfortable position. When you opt for Orlando MRI for claustrophobia, you never have to worry about restricted movements. Therefore, you can lie comfortably without compromising the reading.

Moral Support is Easier

Many facilities allow you to bring a friend for moral support, but you may not feel much comfort if you cannot see them. Open MRI machines do not have walls on the sides, so you can easily view your friend as needed during your procedure.

If you need to schedule an Orlando MRI for claustrophobia, consider Open MRI of Orlando. This facility is known for catering to claustrophobics and senior patients, Orlando MRI Claustrophobiaproviding a positive experience for everyone. You can find more information and schedule an appointment at

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