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The Benefits of Weekend Alzheimer’s Respite Care in Melbourne, FL

Alzheimer’s respite care in Melbourne, FL provides much-needed relief when family caregivers are reaching the burnout stage. The immediate relatives still may not want their elderly parent to move to assisted living, but they no longer can fully cope with the situation. Although they don’t realize it yet, getting a break improves not only their own well-being but also that of their disabled loved one.

Burnout Consequences for Caregivers

Caregiver burnout is known to result in unhealthy stress levels that can cause issues with blood pressure, the digestive system and the immune system. These men and women have a tendency to self-medicate by drinking too much alcohol.

Effects on the Alzheimer’s Patient

Even when a person’s cognitive abilities have diminished, this individual is likely to sense the frustration, exhaustion and despair experienced by the family caregivers. The relationship decreases in quality as the disabled person feels guilty and ashamed. Nobody likes to be a burden on their adult children, but this characterizes many situations when those immediate relatives insist on managing all of the caregiving. A better solution is Alzheimer’s respite care in Melbourne, FL.

A Welcome Vacation

With a trusted respite care service, the family is able to go out of town for a weekend if they would like. Perhaps they have been invited to a wedding that would require a trip and an overnight stay. There’s no reason to feel guilty about making this decision. The Alzheimer’s patient who can stay in a lovely room and have attention from the caring employees may feel like this is a welcome vacation too.