The Best Headache Treatment in Starkville MS for Your Little One

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Health

When your child has a severe headache, it can feel overwhelming to both you and them. As a parent, you want to do everything possible to make sure your child isn’t in pain. The best headache treatment in Starkville MS for your child depends on the type of a headache they’re experiencing at the moment.

A Tension Headache

Most people experience tension headaches throughout their lives. This type of a headache is also common in children. Tension headaches are caused by muscle spasms and tension in the head, neck or shoulders. In children, these headaches may be triggered by excessive schoolwork, computer use or stress.

Luckily, most tension headaches are short-lived and easy to treat. Your doctor may recommend an anti-inflammatory medication or rest. Some children even respond well to a warm bath. Most patients should see results within an hour or two after starting tension headache treatment in Starkville MS.

Cluster Headache

More common in children over the age of 10, cluster headaches are very painful and debilitating. Symptoms include swelling on one side of the face, watery eyes, runny nose and a sensation of fullness in one ear. The pain may last for several hours, and cluster headaches often occur regularly, often at the same time each day.

Anyone who suspects their child is suffering from cluster headaches needs to see their pediatrician as soon as possible. The doctor may prescribe a sumatriptan injection or use oxygen to reduce the pain. If the headaches become chronic, it may be necessary to take a preventative medication, such as verapamil.

When to Seek Treatment

Children are often not able to verbally express the pain they feel from a headache. While most headaches go away as quickly as they arrived, some headaches may be the first symptom of a more serious condition. If your child seems to be experiencing headaches on a frequent basis, visiting the doctor is a must.

Headaches are very painful, but most are easily treated with over-the-counter or prescription medications. If your child is complaining of headaches, consider scheduling an appointment with their pediatrician. Read more about treating your child’s headaches here. The sooner you begin treatment, the sooner your child will be out of pain.

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