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The Best Midwifery Services in Sacramento

In California, many people choose midwives for care because they are looking for holistic treatment. Holistic medicine is characterized by the treatment of the whole patient. The practitioner will take into account physical, mental, and social factors. Conventional treatment focuses on the symptoms of the ailment, disease, or condition rather than the whole being.

Nutrition and Mental Health

Midwife facilities are an alternative to conventional pregnancy care. Midwifery services in Sacramento include a focus on nutrition and mental health. During intake, they will ask many questions about your diet, likes, dislikes, and how you feel. They will ask about your mental health history, treatments, and current medications. A full evaluation is required so they can best provide care.

Physical Health

Midwifery services in Sacramento also focus on physical health. Midwives may ask to test your glucose, cholesterol, and other blood levels to get a better picture of your current physical health. Midwives do require informed consent for all tests, procedures, and care. Centers like California Birth Center will provide all of these services and more in-house.

Infertility Treatment

For some people, it can be challenging to get pregnant. The best midwife services include fertility treatment. Unlike conventional medicine, they will emphasize your overall health. Midwives play a crucial role in fertility treatment and provide support for both partners psychologically and physically.


Most midwife centers have a protocol for special circumstances and emergencies. In the event of a significant emergency, most facilities will transport you and your baby to the nearest hospital. The best midwives will accompany you to the hospital and stay with you at the hospital.