The Best Recovery Tips from Cataract Surgery Experts in Appleton WI

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Eye Care Center

If you’re scheduled for cataract surgery shortly, you probably want to do everything possible to make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. It takes about one month for the eye to heal fully, but there are a few things all cataract surgery experts in Appleton WI recommend doing to speed up the process.

Take All Medications as Prescribed

Your ophthalmologist will prescribe various eye drops to use after surgery. In most instances, patients will receive both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops. It’s imperative to use these drops as directed, even if your eyes feel fine.

The antibiotic eye drops will help prevent a bacterial infection from forming. All patients are susceptible to infections following surgery, so these drops are vital. The anti-inflammatory drops will reduce internal inflammation and pain. You may need to take these drops for several weeks.

Avoid Eye Pressure

Right after cataract surgery, your eyes may be extra sensitive. It’s best to avoid all situations that may place unwanted pressure on your eyes. cataract surgery experts in Appleton WI recommend that patients avoid lifting heavy objects, don’t walk long distances, and get enough rest during their recovery period.

Even coughing or sneezing may slow down your recovery. If you have surgery during allergy season, make sure to resume all of your allergy medications as soon as possible. Let your doctor know if you feel nauseated after surgery. They may prescribe a medication to prevent you from vomiting.

Protect Eyes from Exposure

Although you should always wear protective eye wear, this is crucial following cataract surgery. Be sure to wear sunglasses when heading outdoors. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, but they also act as a shield from wind, dust, and allergens.

Do not go swimming or use a hot tub for at least a full week after your procedure. These activities greatly increase the risk of a bacterial infection. Showering is acceptable, but try to avoid getting water into your eyes. Don’t rub your eyes during the recovery period.

Once your cataract surgery is complete, you can expect to see profound improvement in your vision. Be sure to follow these simple tips to aid in your recovery. Contact The Green Apple Eye Care Office if you want to know more about protecting the health of your eyes.

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