The Importance of Eye Exams in Beaverton OR

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Eyes Vision

The eyes are among the most important organs. Without good vision, it can be challenging to drive and even to do everyday tasks. The best way for a person to ensure they have the best possible vision is get regular Eye Exams in Beaverton OR. By getting these exams, a patient can learn about any conditions they have that might affect their sight and get treatment right away. In many cases, early treatment can resolve minor issues. For example, a person who is just beginning to be nearsighted may be able to get glasses that will allow them to see clearly so they don’t strain their eyes and cause additional damage.

Diseases are also detected at these appointments. Cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration are conditions that become progressively worse over time. Although cataracts can be treated with a simple procedure, recognizing this and other diseases early is key to planning a course of treatment. It’s almost always better to find glaucoma and macular degeneration in their earliest stages and start treatment before they have permanently damaged the eyes.

Signs of diabetes are often found in Eye Exams in Beaverton OR before it is discovered by a family doctor. After a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, they should see their eye doctor regularly.By keeping a regular examination schedule, an eye doctor may be able to save a diabetic patient’s vision. Uncontrolled diabetes can affect the retina and an eye doctor that identifies changes to the retina early may be able to prevent vision loss in a diabetic patients.

Some patients have eye conditions that can be corrected with surgery. Lasik surgery is a very effective way to treat nearsightedness and laser treatment may even correct astigmatism. It’s important to work with an experienced eye doctor to get advice about whether surgery is the best course of treatment. Many people use glasses or contacts their entire lives with no problems and others want surgery to correct their vision problems as soon as possible. Visit  to learn more about the treatment options available and connect with an eye doctor who has experience treating a range of eye conditions. Visit the site for more information.

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