The Physical Therapist in Fargo ND Helps Patients Cope With Injuries

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Healthcare

Whether the injury is one caused by sports participation, a car accident, or a fall, nagging pain and mobility concerns can become difficult to deal with. Sometimes, recovery can be slow with an injury which is why many doctors will send their patients to see a Physical Therapist in Fargo ND. With physical therapy, individuals can better cope with their injuries and overcome them.

Physical Therapy Improves Pain

One of the biggest benefits of physical therapy is pain reduction. There are many treatment options that are offered by the Physical Therapist in Fargo ND. Heat, massage, and nerve stimulation can all be used to help reduce a patient’s pain so movement does not cause so much distress.

The goal of physical therapy is to help a patient overcome their injury without having to fully rely on risky pain medications or surgical procedures. A doctor will often send a patient to therapy as a last resort to prevent the need for surgery when rest and other treatments have not been successful.

Physical Therapy Improves Mobility

Another important goal of physical therapy is to help patients become mobile again so they can get back to living their life as normally as possible. The therapist uses a variety of exercises and treatments to improve the rate of healing and the normal function of the injured area.

Therapists may also use special equipment such as canes, walkers, and other devices to help their patient overcome the mobility concerns that are preventing them from being active. Each phase of the healing process leads to changes in treatment.

What Can Patients Expect From Their First Appointment?

At the first appointment, the therapist will carefully review the patient’s health history. The patient will be examined in the injury area and the therapist will check the level of pain and range of motion. Once the examinations and testing have taken place, the therapist will get their patient involved in drawing up a treatment plan.

It is imperative therapy patients stick to the instructions their therapist has given them and performed their home exercises so they can receive the greatest benefit. To learn more about the benefits of physical therapy, visit us.

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