Tips for Selecting Home Care Aide in Philadelphia PA

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Home Health Care Service

The first step to take when you are trying to determine the appropriate type of home care for a senior loved one is to determine the level of care that is needed. There are two primary options when it comes to home-care providers: custodial care and skilled care. Custodial care typically includes environmental assistance, such as help with meal preparation, shopping, housekeeping and personal care tasks such as feeding, dressing and bathing. There are some agencies that will only provide one of the types of care, while others may provide both.

Different Types of Home Care Providers

There are a number of different options when it comes to home care organizations such as home health agencies, hospices, private duty and staffing agencies and professional home care aide in Philadelphia PA.

Once you have figured out the type of home care services that your senior loved one will need, you should make a list of questions to ask to ensure that you select the right service. Some questions to consider are highlighted here.

Does the homecare provider offer literature about their services?

This can include the services that they offer, the requirements for your senior loved on to be eligible, the fees of the service and additional information pertinent to the service. There are many agencies that provide a patient Bill of Rights, which will outline all of the responsibilities and rights of the patient, care givers and family members. This information can be extremely helpful when trying to make a final decision.

What is the history of the service and do they have the appropriate licenses and insurance?

You should ask how long the company has been providing home care services. While a new company may be more affordable, you may not be able to determine their quality of care. In these situations, it may be a smarter option to choose a more reputable, well-established company.
You should also find out if the agency is certified by Medicare and has a state issued license. Additionally, the agency should fully explain the insurance coverage that is provided, and the responsibilities of the patient in this regard. This is crucial in ensuring that accidents or damages do not cost you more.

Keep in mind when you hire any home care agency, you will have to supply specific equipment. If you need to purchase items to help accommodate your loved ones needs, you should locate a quality provider of Home Health supplies in Philadelphia PA. This will help ensure they receive the care necessary for an enhanced quality of life.

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