Top 3 Possible Treatment Suggestions for Sleep Apnea Patients

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Health Care

Sleep apnea is an issue related to decreased health and life-threatening conditions like stroke and depression. If you exhibit signs of sleep apnea, visit a sleep expert for immediate treatment. Notably, sleep apnea, when left untreated for a long period of time, leads to further medical complications, such as teeth damage, heart attack, and trouble concentrating. After an examination, sleep experts in British Colombia will recommend treatment options based on the level and cause of your sleep apnea. Here are some treatment options your sleep expert might recommend.

An Oral or Dental Appliance

One of the common sleep apnea treatment options is wearing a dental or
oral appliance. The appliance feels comfortable for most sleep apnea patients and is often recommended to patients with moderate or mild sleep apnea. The device will be designed for you by a dental expert, and it works by preventing the airway from collapsing during sleep.

Surgery for Sleep Apnea

Sometimes the best treatment for sleep apnea is surgery. With this option, your adenoids and tonsils are removed to help widen your upper airway. Sleep experts usually consider surgery when the tonsils and adenoids are enlarged, which contributes to obstruction of the airway or can cause snoring during sleep.

Weight Management Program

One of the primary contributors to sleep apnea is obesity or excessive weight. Therefore, working on your weight is an effective sleep apnea treatment to consider if your case is mild. Weight gain causes fat tissue to accumulate around the throat and the tongue base. You can also opt for bariatric surgery or medical weight loss if your sleep apnea is severe.

Untreated sleep apnea has severe consequences. You should consider these and other treatments for sleep apnea before your condition worsens. Visit a sleep expert in British Colombia for advice on the most appropriate treatment.

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