Two Possible Needs for Orthopedic Surgeons in Sulphur Springs, TX

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Health

The majority of men and women experience some form of pain in their joints, tendons, or other areas of the musculoskeletal system during their lifetimes, often due to aging if for no other reason. This pain and the stiffness often associated with it will cause certain everyday activities to become difficult and overly tedious, resulting in a lack of interest in many aspects of life once thought to be fun or exciting. Although much of this pain, along with other musculoskeletal issues, may be treated with physical therapy and medication, other conditions only grow worse over time or remain persistent unless you contact orthopedic surgeons for a more permanent solution.


Your knee joints are particularly prone to injury, losing cartilage, and other conditions that develop with aging or after years of playing sports that will cause ongoing and severe pain. Such chronic pain is often all that you need for your physician to refer you to orthopedic surgeons in Sulphur Springs, TX, such as those found at Paris Orthopedic Clinic PA, for diagnosis and treatment options. These experts are capable of going into your leg to find and repair the damage to your knee that caused the pain and discomfort so you may finally experience some relief from your symptoms after what may be years of suffering.

Shoulder Pain

Most pain in the shoulder region is caused by injuries to the muscles and tendons due to repetitive or excessive motion, such as by playing tennis competitively, and orthopedic surgeons may be needed to correct the problem. Inflammation of the shoulder joint or even the pain of a dislocation is not uncommon in such a situation, and the problem is likely to require corrective surgery if it is severe enough, such as if you have a torn rotator cuff. The results of such work will be a lasting relief and access to an expert capable of providing professional support.

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