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Understanding the Details Involved With a PET Scan of Your Heart

If you’ve had recent issues pertaining to your heart, then your doctor might order tests to determine if there are any concerns that should be treated right away or if there is any cause for emergency treatment. A cardiac PET scan is an option that your doctor will likely consider. There isn’t much to do in preparation for the scan, but you will likely be in the facility for at least 30 minutes to an hour depending on the details that your doctor wants to view.

Understanding the Scan

A PET scan of your heart is a type of imaging procedure that involves using dye to see if there are any issues with the valves or vessels. There are tracers in the dye that is used during the cardiac PET scan that will usually gather around areas of your heart that are damaged. Once the scan is over, your doctor can review the results to determine if there are any issues whether they are significant or not. Since it doesn’t take long to complete the scan, then you likely won’t need to stay in the hospital unless there are concerns after the procedure.

Reasons Why It’s Done

There are numerous reasons why your doctor might order a PET scan of your heart. One of the most common reasons is because of an irregular heartbeat. This is known as arrhythmia. Other reasons include any pain that you experience in your chest or any feelings of tightness that you have, especially if it’s related to shortness of breath or pain. If you have had other tests of your heart or if you are scheduled to have other tests, then a PET scan could be ordered for the same time to see as many details as possible in order to start the treatments that are needed.

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