Understanding What To Anticipate during MRI Imaging in Orlando

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Imaging Centers

Your doctor may only be able to hazard a guess about what is wrong with based on an external examination. He or she needs to find out for sure what is going on inside of your body before he or she can give you a definitive diagnosis.

To learn what, if anything, might be wrong with you internally, your doctor might want you to undergo specialized scans of your body. You can put your mind about these scans by learning what typically takes place during MRI imaging Orlando.

Placement inside the Machine

When you undergo one of these scans, you will need to lie flat on a stretcher that the technician will use to move you in and out of the MRI machine. The machine itself might be open or closed, depending on the facility. Once you are inside of it, however, you will be told to lie as still as possible to ensure that it can capture the best image of your internal organs.

Depending on what the scan is for, you also may have catheter dye injected into the part of the body that is being examined. The dye is injected via a catheter or IV and warmed for your comfort.

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