Visit a Chiropractor in Black Jack MO to Treat Common Sports Injuries

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Chiropractic

While physical exercise is essential to stay in great shape, accidents can occur even among the best- trained athletes. Instead of seeking surgery or prescription medications to alleviate the pain, chiropractic medicine offers a safe, non-invasive method to treat injuries without causing further harm or unwanted side effects. A Chiropractor in Black Jack MO can treat many types of sports injuries and help athletes of all ages to heal, so they spend less down time away from their favorite sport or exercise.

Athletes who engage in contact sports are at greater risk for some injuries, especially whiplash. As the neck moves aggressively forward and back, damage occurs from whiplash that can lead to neck pain or stiffness, headaches, loss of range of motion and a host of other symptoms. A chiropractor can employ gentle techniques that manipulate the neck muscles and help restore the body to a healthy state. Chronic pain left untreated tends to severely limit physical activity and may result in additional health issues such as weight gain or heart problems.

Sciatic pain is another widespread condition that has many different causes but most often results from a pinched nerve. Without seeking assistance, many sports enthusiasts needlessly suffer for an extended amount of time. Skilled chiropractic treatment can help relieve nerve pressure while also eliminating related pain in other areas of the body. It’s not unusual for a pinched nerve to cause debilitating pain in a person’s arm or leg too. Both chronic and acute pain issues can experience great relief after only a few chiropractic sessions.

For patients healing from a recent or former sports injury, a Chiropractor in Black Jack MO can help create an individualized workout that lets them gradually increase their activity level. Personalized attention is ideal because stamina levels during recovery and tolerance to pain can vary greatly. The proper fitness routine allows the body to heal while still reaping the benefits of exercise.

The Back And Neck Care Center focuses on personalized care for the individual, so you get the maximum relief benefits from every session. Their skilled staff has over 40 years of combined service and offers a free consultation to new patients who may be interested in learning more about their services.

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