What Bottom Surgery for Transmen Consists Of!

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Pro Md Blog

There are a large variety of paths that transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals can choose to best express their personal gender identity. Some people do nothing, others transition socially, and still others choose hormonal and surgical options. Transman bottom surgery is one of the options for female to male individuals who wish to have genitals that are male appearing and functioning. There are several procedures available and the choice to seek out one over the other is a personal one.


This is a procedure where the clitoris is released by severing a ligament in the body. It is appropriate for transmen who have been on testosterone for a certain amount of time, which aids in creating an enlarged clitoris. Once the ligament is severed, the clitoris will hang forward of the body. After that is complete, the labia minor is wrapped around the clitoris and then sewn to create a penis. This procedure preserves sensation and provides the ability to gain an erection. In some cases, the surgery is done in tandem with urethroplasty, which allows the transman to urinate through the new penis.


The other common procedure used for creating a penis is phalloplasty. The penis is larger with this procedure, but it is also more intensive and expensive. A graft is taken from another part of the body to create a penis. The appearance and size of the penis are prioritized over the capacity to have an erection or enjoy erotic sensation. In most case, urethroplasty is done at the same time so standing while peeing is possible. In order to gain an erection, a penile implant is inserted into the body.


For those men who want transman bottom surgery that includes a scrotum, this is the procedure to consider. Tissue from the body is used to build a scrotum, which has testicular implants inserted inside. This procedure often takes place at the same time as a phalloplasty or metoidioplasty.


Another procedure that some men choose is the vaginectomy. This surgery is done to remove vaginal tissue. It can be done through surgical or ablative techniques and must be done if the vaginal opening is to be closed.

If you have further questions about bottom surgery for FTM individuals, you can learn more at the International Center for Transgender Care. You can find us at www.TheTransCenter.com.

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