What Does a Breast Plastic Surgeon in Tifton, GA, Do?

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Plastic Surgeon

A breast plastic surgeon in Tifton, GA, performs various procedures on patients based on their needs, either cosmetic or medical. It is not always to help increase the size of boobs, as there are several other surgeries, some life-saving. Here are two common procedures handled by a breast plastic surgeon.

A Medical Breast Plastic Surgeon in Tifton, GA

Surgery for breast cancer is a crucial procedure performed on breast cancer patients. In the case of mastectomy or lumpectomy, the surgeon has to remove a part or the entire breast to prevent the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. This is done on both men and women as a vital life-saving procedure.

Meanwhile, breast reduction reduces excessively large breasts. There are certain health risks related to larger breast sizes, such as back pain, so reducing them is for medical reasons. Breast reduction also doubles up as a cosmetic procedure.

A Cosmetic Breast Plastic Surgeon in Tifton, GA

If you have tiny or sagging boobs, you can also opt for cosmetic breast surgery to help increase the volume, lift them, and make them more youthful. The experts should guide you along to help you gain the perfect size and shape.

You can also get breast reduction surgery, even if it is not for medical reasons. This helps you regain your confidence to get a perfectly reduced size.

Breast reconstruction is common after a mastectomy. If parts or whole breasts are removed, the breasts can be reconstructed to aim for a return to normal.

Why Choose Breast Surgery?

You can choose breast surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons. Sometimes, it is crucial in cases of breast cancer, or you may want to reduce or increase the burst size to make you look and feel great in your element.

Men also choose breast surgeries for various reasons. Some have gynecomastia, where their breasts are abnormally large, so they get surgery to have them reduced. Some also suffer from breast cancer and have to remove the lumps through surgery.

Wrap Up

A breast plastic surgeon in Tifton, GA, is skilled in performing various medical and cosmetic breast surgeries. Whatever you need, book an appointment today to explore your options. To know more, visit Azalea Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics.

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