What Does It Take To Be A Qualified And Competent Critical Care Transport Nurse?

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Health

Earning the right to be a critical care transport nurse requires immense dedication. Maintaining the mantle is a mean feat too. Generally, critical care transport and nursing are both challenging and exciting. This piece will take you through all it takes to be a qualified and competent critical care transport nurse.

Who is a critical care transport nurse?

In the case of medical emergencies that require transportation, a critical care nurse should come into play. The professional is trained and experienced in stabilizing life-threatening conditions during transit to an emergency room.

Educational background

Firstly, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing before specializing in critical care services. During practice, you may decide to involve yourself in the cardiac intensive care unit or trauma ICU fields to familiarize yourself in essential departments of care. ICU focuses on stabilizing life-threatening conditions and frequent monitoring of the patient’s progress. While at it, you could request to engage in the transport department as part of the critical care unit. You may decide to work as a flight or road critical care nurse.

Qualities every critical care nurse should have

You must have the ability to think fast in times of emergencies. The adrenaline rush mustn’t get the best of you. You are required to have the ability to withstand pressure and work in a high-stress environment. Your decision-making skills will also fight a position for you.

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