What Is A Chiropractor and How Do They Treat Your Back Pain?

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Chiropractic

Chiropractors in Massapequa treat chronic pain, especially chronic back pain. They believe that proper alignment of the spine and other parts of the body will promote healing so that the patient will recover without needing medication or more invasive treatments like surgery.

Chiropractic treatments have helped people suffering from conditions like headaches, neck pain, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. It has also helped people with acute low back caused by falls or other injuries. Doctors, for the record, define “acute low back pain” as lasting six weeks or less.

The first step is to determine the probable cause of the back pain and if chiropractic is truly the best treatment. The chiropractor will thus take a detailed medical history and perform a physical exam. They may also order tests like computerized range of motion, computerized muscle testing, or nerve testing – all of which can be performed on-site.

The best-known chiropractic treatment is the “adjustment” in which the chiropractic moves the affected joint beyond its current range of motion. The patient will lie down on a padded table while the chiropractor works. They will generally remain fully clothed unless the chiropractor says otherwise. The patient may hear popping or cracking noises during treatment, and this is normal.

The chiropractor will work to improve the patient’s flexibility and range of motion, as well as relieve their pain. The chiropractor will work with the patient even after they are pain-free to teach them ways to avoid re-injury.

Most patients need 6 to 10 visits to get the full results of chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic treatments can be used on their own or along with another therapy. Examples include conventional medicine, massage, nutritional counseling, and acupuncture.

Contact Back to Health Medical to learn more about chiropractors in Massapequa. There’s no reason to continue living in pain when you can get help from a chiropractor and experience immediate relief.

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