What Should You Know About Sickle Cell Disease Treatment in Starkville MS?

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Health

Sickle Cell Disease is a disease of the blood which causes the red blood cells to be malformed. This causes an anemic condition which can become life-threatening. This disease attacks the spleen and causes it to be decreased in size when a person is very young. This makes them more vulnerable to infections. The disease can also lead to stroke, and about one-third of all sufferers have a stroke by the time they reach middle age. It is important for patients with this disease to regularly see their doctor for Sickle Cell Disease Treatment in Starkville MS.

If a person has Sickle Cell Anemia, they are at a greater risk of having a stroke because the sickle-shaped red blood cells can sometimes become lodged in an artery. There are many types of treatments available for this disease, so it is imperative patients see their doctor for the best treatment plan. These are the most common treatment types available:

 *    When a person has Sickle Cell Anemia, they will often need to be on antibiotics throughout their life. When a child is diagnosed with the disease, they will generally be prescribed Penicillin from the age of two to five, so their bodies can be protected from viruses which can lead to death.

 *    When a person is dealing with a flare-up crisis of their disease, they will sometimes need pain medications to help relieve the discomfort the disease causes. Pain is caused when blood flow to the joints and chest are impaired.

 *    There are certain medications that are meant for treating Sickle Cell Anemia. One of the most commonly prescribed medications is Hydroxyurea which is a medication that is taken on a daily basis.

 *    This medication helps to reduce the number of disease-related crises a person suffers.

When a person is diagnosed with this disease, it is vital they seek prompt Sickle Cell Disease Treatment in Starkville MS. Treatment not only prolongs a person’s life but also improves its quality. If you would like further information on the available treatments for this disease, Click here. If you are in need of an appointment, call today.

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