What to Expect When Getting Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Beauty Care

Long, fluttery eyelashes are a sign of youth and health. Women go to great lengths to improve the appearance of their natural lashes. For many, applying mascara everyday helps them achieve thicker, darker lashes. Some use an eyelash curler to make their eyes appear more open and awake. Others choose to wear false lashes to get the look they desire. Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia are an alternative treatment for women who want thicker lashes, without the hassle of applying false lashes or worrying about clumping mascara. Before scheduling an appointment for eyelash extensions, however, it’s best to fully understand what to expect during and after application.

Most women who choose eyelash extensions are looking for a quick way to get thick lashes. Eyelash extensions are similar to hair extensions. A trained cosmetologist will apply single extensions to each individual eyelash. These extensions are glued into place, using a non-toxic and safe adhesive. Clients are allowed to choose both the shade and length of their extensions. It is recommended to start with shorter, more lightweight lashes the first time, as heavier ones may not adhere as well. Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia are made out of many different fibers. The most common are synthetic fiber, human hair, and mink fur. Be sure to ask the salon which variety they use on their clients before making an appointment.

It takes about one to two hours to apply a full set of eyelash extensions. The application process should be completely painless. However, adverse reactions to the adhesive are sometimes reported. Anyone who feels a burning sensation or experiences tearing during application should ask their cosmetologist to use a different type of glue. Once the extensions are glued into place, they typically last two to six weeks. Each extension will last for the growth cycle of the lash. Extensions should not come off in water, but it is recommended to keep them dry for at least 24 hours after application.

Eyelash extensions may help women finally get the lashes they’ve always wanted. This semi-permanent solution doesn’t take long to apply, and the results last for several weeks before needing to be redone. Eyelash extensions are a great way to create fuller, longer lashes. Be sure to Find More Information about eyelash extensions in your area before scheduling an appointment.

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