What to Know About Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Health

Support hose, otherwise known as compression stockings, offer support for the lower extremities. With pressure applied to the legs, the blood will flow better and keep circulation strong. It will also work to alleviate pain and tension felt in this area. Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA should not get chosen until people know a few facts about it.

They Come in a Variety of Styles

Just one type of stocking does not exist, Instead, there are various styles to choose between, depending on which area of the body requires the support. Some simple compression socks that only cover the feet and ankles work well for those with circulation problems and cold feet. Those who require stockings due to varicose veins in their upper calf may need a pair that goes a bit higher.

Varying Compression Strength

Not only are there different styles but there are also different strengths. While one person may only need a lower compression rating to ease some tension, another may have significant pain that requires stronger compression. A doctor can help determine what strength level is needed.

Day-Time Use

It is not recommended to wear support hose at night. They should only be worn during the day, when people are usually up on their feet and in need of the support and pain relief. Night-time should allow people the chance to remove the restrictive material and let the legs and feet breathe.

Morning-Time Measuring

People should get their legs measured for the right level of compression during the morning hours, before they have had the time to do much and allow swelling to set in. If the swelling is already present, the stocking may be too large to start out with when putting it on each day before leaving for school, work, or elsewhere. Those who decide to measure at a later time can elevate the legs and pump them back and forth for a few minutes to help reduce some of the swellings that is present.

Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA is highly necessary for those who want to alleviate pain in their legs and improve circulation. People in need can visit the website to find some support options that will help. Plenty of options exist.

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