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What You Need To Know About Drug Testing In Cincinnati, OH

Many companies require drug tests as part of the application process. This is not surprising considering the statistics. Recent data shows more than ten percent of full-time workers admit using drugs within the last month. Additionally, the research shows drug users miss twice as much work as their co-workers. Unfortunately, companies must drug test to protect the business. Employment drug testing started thirty years ago. Since then, drug use at companies that use testing has gone down.

Are there other reasons for Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH? Some business experts say employers that drug test help the community. They are helping by playing a role in the war on drugs. In addition, employers want to maintain productivity. In tricky economic times, it is not good to have workers miss time due to drug use. Nonetheless, businesses like Eastside Urgent Care benefit from drug testing. Most companies have a contract with one facility for all job applicant screening.

Many applicants think drug testing is a violation of their privacy. However, the law is on the side of the employer. In fact, many employees face regular drug testing due to their jobs. Examples include truck drivers, members of the military, and pilots. Another reason for Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH is workers compensation. Costs for the insurance are sky-rocketing. Indeed, drug testing is one way to keep those costs down. Drug users are four times more likely to have a work-related accident. Further, they are five times more likely to file a workers comp claim.

Most states allow employers to drug test workers after accidents. As a result, coverage can be denied if the worker tests positive. Finally, companies drug test to prevent lawsuits. The company can be held liable if an intoxicated worker hurts themselves or others. Testing continues for the immediate future with protections in place. Companies cannot discriminate against those taking medicine for health reasons. Further, it is against the law to single out one group to test more than another. Additionally, some state laws place restrictions on drug testing. Anyone who thinks their rights have been violated should contact an attorney.

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