When it’s Time, Compassionate and Skilled Hospice Care in Beaumont, Texas Will be There to Help

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Health

Compassionate and professional healthcare workers at Hospice Beaumont in Texas are extremely important to both the patient and the patient’s family. This final chapter in someone’s life may last days, weeks or months, but is extremely meaningful for all those involved. The patient, family members, and hospice staff are all special people.

Most people wish to spend their remaining time in their home, surrounded by their memories and where they can most comfortably spend time with friends and family. In-home hospice care by a hospice team will insure that the needs of the patient and the family are supported.

Preliminary Discussions are Helpful

It can be distressing to discuss hospice care, but it is usually better in the long term to have preliminary discussions before hospice is needed. The family may need time to discuss matters and resolve their concerns. Having plans in place will make the transition easier on everyone when the time finally arrives to begin hospice care.

When Hospice Care Begins

Usually, the patient’s doctor will make a referral or formal request to begin hospice care. Within 48 hours, a representative of the hospice program will normally speak with the patient and primary caregiver or family to set up a convenient time to visit with the patient. Hospice care will be ready to begin shortly thereafter unless the situation is urgent.

Hospice Services

In-home hospice services can include:

• Skilled nursing care supervised by a physician and RN and tailored to your specific needs

• Daily care by registered nurses supported by licensed vocational nurses

• Qualified nursing aides to assist with personal care, meal preparation and light cleaning of the living area

• Evaluation of nursing aide services every two weeks by the RN

• Spiritual and individual counseling provided by a Christian chaplain and volunteers

• Crisis intervention

• A social worker to assist with government and community resources

• Medical equipment (hospital bed, portable toilet), medications and daily supplies (wound cleaning, oxygen, etc.) provided at no cost when needed because of the terminal diagnosis

Professional Health Care provides a wide range services for Hospice Beaumont in Texas. They are dedicated to providing comforting hospice care for the entire family. In addition to hospice care, the company also provides a wide range of home health services throughout southeast Texas. Call 1-888-565-0205 today to discuss your needs. Someone will be pleased to meet with you at your convenience.

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