When to Schedule Audiologic Testing in Lancaster, PA

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Healthcare

An audiologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating hearing issues. One of the most common procedures used by audiologists to diagnose hearing problems is basic audiologic testing in Lancaster, PA. These tests are designed to find out how well the various components of a patient’s ear are working and whether or not sound is reaching the inner ear. This can help to determine the root cause of a patient’s hearing loss, which is the first step toward finding an appropriate solution. Look for the following signs that a hearing evaluation might be needed.

Trouble Following Conversations

Many patients who are experiencing hearing loss, whether it is age-related or not, have difficulty following conversations. This is particularly true when there is more than one person speaking at a time and when the immediate environment is noisy. Those who are experiencing new or worsening trouble hearing their family and friends when they go out to eat, for example, may want to schedule audiologic testing to find out why.

Frequent Misunderstanding

Some people don’t even realize that they have hearing loss until it has progressed to quite an advanced stage. Initially, it may seem like everyone else is mumbling or speaking less clearly than usual. The result is often a failure to understand and respond appropriately to normal conversational cues. Frequent misunderstandings in conversation are often one of the first signs it’s time to investigate treatment options.

Difficulty Hearing High-Pitched Sounds

Often hearing loss is frequency-specific, particularly when it is due to old age. Most patients lose their ability to discern higher pitches first, making it more difficult to hear and to understand women and children’s voices. One of the purposes of audiologic testing in Lancaster, PA is to help determine which frequencies a patient is having trouble with so that his or her hearing aid can be adjusted appropriately.

Hearing loss can be scary, but there is no reason that anyone should have to suffer through worsening hearing troubles alone. There are treatment options available for most forms of hearing loss, but audiologists and other professionals can only help patients choose the right option once they know the extent and the nature of the problem. Visit  to learn more or to get in contact to schedule an appointment for audiologic testing today and get on the road back to better hearing now.

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