When You Should Hire A Commercial Medical Escort

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Health Care

It’s hard to ask for help, especially in a society where most people fear judgment for needing assistance with a task that could be done by oneself. Traveling, however, is not the time to feel guilt or anxiety about having to request help, especially if there are medical reasons which may make it dangerous for you to fly alone. How do you know when you need to hire a commercial medical escort? If any of the below circumstances apply to you, you may want to give serious consideration to traveling with a healthcare professional.

Need for Supplemental Oxygen

If you have trouble breathing or if you require supplemental oxygen, make sure to ask for help before traveling and don’t fly alone. A flight nurse can help you to manage your oxygen in a manner not hazardous to other passengers or the flight staff.

Limited Mobility

Do you have trouble moving by yourself? If this is the case, you will definitely want to consider speaking with a commercial medical escort to accompany you on your flight. Even individuals without physical restrictions often find flights difficult to endure due to the cramped quarters and long duration of flights.

Plus, long-distance travelers have a greatly increased risk of blood clots, which become more likely after long periods of time without movement or proper circulation through the lower limbs. Make your life easier by traveling with a medical expert who can help you reposition your legs and take some much-needed stretch breaks in the aisle!

Cognitive Impairments

Individuals with symptoms of dementia, significant problems with communication, or other memory impairments can greatly benefit from traveling with a medical escort. Traveling requires a great deal of effective communication, and medical escorts can help.

Commercial medical escorts give hope to those who would never be able to travel safely alone. With their help, your options are nearly unlimited.

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