A Stair Lift Installation In Pittsburgh PA Can Add Mobility

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Health

People who are suffering from diminishing mobility can benefit from a Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA. It is frustrating when the stairway becomes unclimbable because of physical limitations due to injury or aging conditions. People may be forced to move out of their two-story home if a solution is not found. Though some people solve the problem by making a bedroom downstairs for the handicapped person, it is not an ideal situation. A Stair lift allows each person in a family to use both floors of the home.

How Can Handicapped People Stay In Their Homes?

When a person suffers from diminishing mobility due to aging issues or injury, they may be encouraged to sell their two-story home and move to an apartment or even a nursing home. But, a person often loves their home and does not want to make a big move. In many cases, Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA is a viable solution. The person sits in a chair that travels up and down the stairs on a strong track. Companies such as McArdle Surgical have a choice of models of stair lifts to choose from and the experts to install them in the home.

With a stair lift and other devices such as bathroom aids, wheelchairs, lift chairs, walkers, and canes people can get around in their beloved homes and stay in place rather than move. The bathroom is another place of danger and frustration for those with limited mobility. But, things like grab bars, bath chairs, benches, toilet aids and more give people back the use of the bathroom. Home health aids can be hired to come each day to help. Wheelchair ramps can be built for home access.

Other Home Changes

Other changes can be made to the home to give the people living there better access and safety. There are experts who can advise handicapped or older homeowners on how to make a home handicap accessible and allow older people to age in place. Contacting a company such as McArdle Surgical can be the first step in a plan for increased mobility and home safety. Installing safety and mobility equipment is a good start. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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