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Thinking About Bottom Surgery? What You Need to Know in Plano, TX

Whether to get bottom surgery and which procedure to choose are major decisions that every transgender man must eventually confront. Transman bottom surgery is a major operation that often requires multiple procedures, so it’s important to be

Transgender Therapy at the International Center for Transgender Care

One of the most challenging undertakings that anyone can go through is the decision to embrace their gender of choice. From surgeries to therapies, there are no shortage of options out there. However, given the magnitude of

Take Your Path to Realizing Your True Identity as You Embrace Your Masculine Side

Your birth certificate may have labeled you as a female, but your mind, heart, and soul have always told you another story. You have never been comfortable in a woman’s body. You believe you were meant to

The Link Between Transgender Identities and Suicide

It is an unfortunate fact that somewhere around 5% of Americans have attempted suicide at some point – but for transgender Americans, that number is closer to 41%. In fact, it is estimated that over 41% of

Transman Bottom Surgery

  While the needs of transmen can vary, a common theme is the deep need to make their outer appearance reflect their inner gender identity. For some, this includes bottom surgery, also known as genital confirmation surgery.