Advantages of Hiring Experienced Medical Flight Nurses for Travel

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Flight Nurse

There are times when a chronic illness or accident injury requires further medical treatment elsewhere. If the patient is otherwise stable, they or their family members can arrange for medical transportation services that offer highly qualified RN’s as a medical escort. The type of air services they can get can range from commercial airlines to private charter air flights. There are some real advantages of hiring experienced medical flight nurses for travel by air escorts. A prestigious international travel nursing organization can assist with medical escort services to 6 different continents, all the US and to an astonishing 93 different countries around the globe.

This medical escort service offers fully trained and vetted flight RN’s specially trained on all the nuances that could impact health during an air flight. These services bring welcome relief to the patients and their concerned family members as well. Traditional air transportation available for flight transport is ridiculously expensive. Choosing this reliable international travel nursing service instead is typically much less costly and less cumbersome for the patient. The friendly flight nurse will accompany the patient every step of their journey to another medical facility or on the trip back to their dearly missed home.

Depending on the patient’s condition, it may be necessary to utilize airline seats that recline or fold down into a flat bed. These types of seats are usually available in the business or first-class section of an aeroplane. The nurse escort will monitor the patient, change their position often and provide personal and doctor ordered care during the flight. This service also provides transportation details after the plane lands at the destination. These seasoned RNs will also keep the patient’s family doctor and other healthcare specialists apprised during the trip.

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