All About Nursing Care Centers

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Senior Healthcare

Many families have to make the hard decision of putting one of their own in to a nursing home. Although this is a difficult process, it can be made easier by knowing that the facility is a reputable one. Skilled nursing care facilities Rockland County NY can provide compassionate care for your loved one. Contracting with one of these agencies is an important step in getting an elderly or disabled relative the help that they need.

What is Assisted Living?

An assisted living facility is somewhat similar to a nursing care facility. Where these two programs diverge is in the amount of support provided. In these facilities, clients live in their own separate rooms. Many of the daily necessities are provided for, such as meals, laundry and basic medical care. Additionally, assisted living usually has staff available 24 hours a day to help out.

Nursing Facilities

The second type of residential program is a skilled nursing facility. These homes offer a much wider range of services. Unlike with assisted care, there is a strong medical support team available. Nursing care is really the focus of skilled nursing care facilities Rockland County NY. Clients may also be able to receive speech therapy, mental health services and rehabilitation help. Overall, a nursing facility is a much more comprehensive program that can meet all the needs of an elderly person.

Residing at a nursing home doesn’t have to be permanent. Sometimes, a family will place a relative in a nursing facility following a long hospital stay. This allows the client to receive the care that the family is unable to provide. Once the client has fully recovered, it’s common that he or she returns home to carry on a normal living schedule. The length of the stay really depends on what the client needs help with.

Nursing Facilities Are a Good Choice

Placing a relative in a nursing facility can often be the best choice. Tolstoy Foundation Nursing Home is prepared to assist clients in any way possible. However, it’s not just about medical care. Tolstoy Foundation Nursing Home is also dedicated to giving the care and emotional support needed to make the stay an enjoyable one.

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