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Arrange an Eye Examination by a Specialist

If you are having vision problems, then it is essential to visit an eye care Jacksonville FL expert for an examination of the eyes. Numerous things can go wrong with the eyes as a result of the natural aging process, but an eye specialist has the equipment required to check the pressure in the eyeballs and to see the back of the eyeball to find problems. While you may visit an optometrist once a year to get a new prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses, this professional doesn’t have the expertise to repair the major problems in your eyes.

You Can Have Corrective Cataract Surgery in Only a Few Minutes

One of the most common issuespatients experience is aclouding of the lens of the eye. tend to occur to senior citizens, leading to problems with visual acuity. The lens of an eye may have a problem with cloudiness, but it is possible for an eye care Jacksonville FL surgeon to remove the natural lens before replacing it with an artificial lens. This type of procedure requires only a few minutes, and you will return home to recover. Your visual acuity will improve right away, and the artificial lens will last for many years.

There is a Variety of Treatments for Macular Degeneration

The macula of the eye can also develop problems, causing a loss or distortion of your vision due to macular degeneration. This serious eye problem is not curable, but there are treatments, including medications for the eyeball or taking specialized dietary supplements. With some types of macular degeneration, the blood vessels in the eyeball will require a surgical repair, and an eye care Jacksonville FL surgeon can perform this procedure to preserve or improve your vision.