Choosing the Right suture needle

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Suture Needle

Suturing is the core of the surgical practice. Many surgical instruments are used to dissect, grasp, expose, and suture wounds. Sometimes, staples are used, but using a suture needle sets to close wounds is the most common choice among surgical professionals. Having suitable needles available is essential for operative procedures.

Characteristics of the suture needle

Sharpness is an essential feature as needles must penetrate tissue effortlessly. They must also be rigid enough to carry the suturing material while remaining flexible. Thirdly, the needles used for suturing must be made from corrosion-resistant material like high-quality stainless steel to ensure sterility.

Curved and Half-Curved Needles

A curved style is the most commonly used in surgical settings. They allow for suturing and need less space for maneuvering. There are various curved and half-curved needle types for different procedures. For instance, 14 circle needles are used in eye microsurgery. Half-curved styles are preferred for laparoscopic procedures.

Straight Needle Options

Straight needles are often the best option when tissue is easy to access. Most of the time, when this is the choice, finger-held manipulation is necessary.

Cutting Needles

A cutting needle offers easy penetration due to its sharpened edge. Many cutting needles, such as the reverse cutting needle, are used for suturing tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Suturing scar tissue, the uterus, and some ligaments requires a tapered cutting option.

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