Convincing Reasons to Seek Out Treatment from a Pequannock Chiropractor

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Health

Modern life is not necessarily conducive to good joint and back health. Common everyday activities like walking up a flight of stairs, lifting boxes or totes or sitting at a desk all day long can put stress and strain on your bones, ligaments and muscles.

Within a short time frame, you could develop chronic pain in your knees, back and other parts of your body. By seeking out treatment from one of the chiropractors in Pequannock, NJ, you can heal your body quickly and avoid having to use strong pain medications for relief.

Realigning Your Back

The movements that you make each day can knock your spine out of joint. You could suffer from herniated discs in your lower back that can cause immense pain when you try to walk, sit down or lift something.

Rather than go through surgery to remove the herniated disc and fuse together the bone in your spine, you could get faster relief by having one of the chiropractors in Pequannock, NJ, align your spinal column. This alignment involves using a traction device to pull and maneuver your disc back into place. You will hear and feel the disc pop back into its place if the treatment is successful.

The treatment also can provide instant relief from the worst of your discomfort. You can go back to moving like normal without the agonizing, stabbing pain that you previously experienced.

Therapeutic Massage

Chiropractors can also administer therapeutic massage to distressed parts of your body like the knees, elbows, and neck. The muscles in these areas can become distressed with repetitive movements. Massaging relieves the pressure on the nerves and also encourages healthy blood flow to the area.

You can find out more about chiropractic care in New Jersey online. Contact Advanced Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy today.

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