Cosmetic Transgender Services in Philadelphia

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Beauty Care

Appearance is important for anyone’s confidence and self-esteem. That is why men and women spend a lot of time and money on skin care, haircuts, hair color, grooming, and makeup. The goal is to look one’s best, feel beautiful, and like the reflection in the mirror. Cosmetic Transgender Services in Philadelphia can make that process quicker and easier on a daily basis. Advanced skin care, permanent makeup, and advanced hair removal methods can accommodate the needs and preferences of any client. Facial and body waxing, for example, will remove unwanted hair at the roots. The process lasts longer than shaving, and hair grows back lighter and thinner. Time between waxing treatments extends as the process is repeated. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are more advanced methods that will eventually eliminate hair in the treated areas over time. A certified professional electrologist is on staff.

Advanced skin care services provided include precision peels, skin rejuvenation, re-hydrating facials, and anti-acne treatments. Another skin care method is called derma planing. It results in exfoliation and the temporary removal of hair and peach fuzz on the face. A fine scalpel-like tool is used to remove the top layer of skin, which only consists of dead skin cells. The procedure causes no pain, and has several benefits. The skin has a youthful glow, it is able to better absorb moisture and nutrients, and makeup application is smoother. Get more information about all the skin care services and products available by calling the skin care center.

Permanent makeup is one of the Transgender Services in Philadelphia that is in high demand. it is convenient, fast, and makes applying a full face of makeup much easier. A certified permanent cosmetic professional begins the process with a consultation, during which the area, shape, and color selections will be made. Options include brow hair strokes, powdered brows, lash line enhancement, eyeliner, full lip color or lip liner, and scar camouflage. Natural or dramatic looks can be selected. A topical anesthetic is applied, and a mirror is provided to the client to watch the progress of the procedure. Once the area is sufficiently numb, application begins. There is no down time or recovery period necessary, only some swelling. The color will appear forty percent darker and brighter than the final result. The skin will heal within four to six days, with final color settling in approximately three weeks.

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