Emergency Care for Pets

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Pet Health

An animal hospital has a big advantage over animal clinics as it usually is fully equipped to handle all forms of pet care, especially when it comes to emergencies. It therefore is the number one choice amongst pet owners when it comes to an emergency situation.
Emergency pet care in a Chicago animal hospital is of great importance to the owners of the hospital. Animal hospitals know they have your pet’s life in their hands and do all they can make sure your pet recovers in perfect condition. Before choosing an emergency care hospital for your pet, make sure you review all the services available in order to be prepared for an unexpected emergency.


The hospital must have excellent staff from the receptionist to the surgeon. If you are not comfortable with the staff at the animal hospital, it could make matters all the more difficult during an emergency situation.

X-Ray and Ultrasound Services

Most animal clinics do not have x-ray and ultrasound equipment and must therefore recommend a pet be sent to a nearby animal hospital. An animal hospital, on the other hand, has all the necessary equipment, such as x-rays, ultrasounds, and other scanning equipment to identify possible fractures and other problems with your pet. Make sure the hospital you choose has the latest equipment.


Surgery is not something any pet owner looks forward to. However, at times it is inevitable and must take place to save the life of your pet. It is therefore important that the emergency care services at the animal hospital you choose has state of the air equipment, a clean and organized operating room, and a staff of veterinarians who are experienced, caring, and explain to you exactly what needs to be done to save your pet’s life.

Round the Clock Care

Accidents can happen at any hour as can problems with your pet. It is therefore important that the animal hospital that you use to care for your pet has 24-hour round the clock care in case of an emergency. Pet emergencies can take place at the most inopportune time for the owner and the veterinary hospital, but knowing that the hospital is open and services are available it gives you peace of mind.

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