Face Facts: Why You Need An Eyebrow Specialist in Philadelphia

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Beauty Care

Have you ever been somewhere, enjoying a lovely day and feeling great, only to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and discover that you looked worn out? Or worse, have someone tell you that you look tired (why does anyone would think this is a helpful remark?). Odd as it may seem, just a quick tweak to a woman’s eyebrow shape can have her looking well-rested, sophisticated, healthy and more attractive.

But it’s not one size fits all when it comes to the contour of the eyebrow. A lot depends on the face shape, and getting just the right brow to suit your face can make all the difference to your overall appearance. While you can pluck and tweeze your brows at home, you are better off seeking out the services of an Eyebrow Specialist in Philadelphia. They will be able to analyze your face and sculpt your eyebrows specifically to complement your face shape.

But no matter which group you fall into — heart, oval, square, long or round face — some basic rules apply. For instance, the beginning of the brow should start at the bridge of your nose. An imaginary line drawn down from your brow would run just beyond the inside corner of your eye. Also, the arch of your brow should never be right in the center — that creates a rainbow effect. The correct placement of the arch is approximately two-thirds of the way from the beginning of the brow. One other rule of thumb is that the end of the eyebrow should always extend past the corner of the eye, if you were to draw an imaginary vertical line. This helps give the eyes a wider, more open appearance.

If you want to give your eyes an extra boost, consider having eyelash extensions applied at the same time you have your brows shaped. Beauty centers like Beautiful You by Christine offer both services, and can consult with you on which eyelash and eyebrow enhancement treatments will work best with your features.

The best advice for anyone opting to change the shape themselves, and not enlist the help of an Eyebrow Specialist in Philadelphia, is to make sure you sculpt your brows on a weekend when you have no plans, in case you end up “uneven”. You may want to stock up on eyebrow filler pencil beforehand as well.

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