For the Sake of Safety Order Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Health

Whether a caregiver is one spouse taking care of the other spouse, or a mother taking care of her child, being able to use medical equipment from a mobility aid company makes life so much easier. Even though the person suffering from a disability has gone through a lot of pain, their caregiver has gone through it right with them. Many people have to be lifted into wheelchairs, cars, or vans, and they must be pushed in a wheelchair at all times. Many patients must also be bathed and fed, which can put a lot of strain on the caregiver. Having a nearby medical supply company to deliver supplies when needed is very convenient.

Types of Mobility Aids

A person doesn’t have to be elderly to have a need for mobility aids. People who suffer broken legs from falls down the steps may need crutches, a walker, cane, and a wheelchair in order to get around. Others may need a chair lift because they can’t walk up the stairs while they’re injured. Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA can also bring a hospital bed to the home that can be placed downstairs. Portable toilets are available for people who can’t walk to the bathroom during the middle of the day or night.

Medical Supplies

Contact McArdle Surgical for supplies, such as compression stockings for men and women, and bathroom aids that include bath chairs, shower benches, and grab bars. Everything a medical supply distributor has available is for the safety of their patient clients. Companies offering Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA invite their customers to stop in to view their showrooms and talk to their associates.

Only the Best Will Do

Customers will have access to quality name brand products, such as Jobst or Therafirm compression stockings, Golden Technology lift chairs, and Acorn or Brooks stair lifts. Home delivery and set up makes care giving much easier and very convenient for the patient. When a person finds themselves without the mobility they used to have due to an accident or an illness, it’s time to call a medical supply company for products prescribed by their physician.

Safety is Number One

Being safe at home is the number one issue when any patient can’t get around. Getting well, while maintaining an independent lifestyle at home requires the proper equipment.

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