Get Rid of Unwanted Hair with Waxing in Mesa CA

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Health

For millennium women have used various methods to remove unwanted body hair from their arms, underarms, legs, face, and private parts. In the mid-1900s, when women’s bathing suits started exposing more skin, both American and European women accelerated the movement to remove body hair. The methods used for hair removal include shaving, plucking, OTC hair-removal creams, laser hair removal, and waxing in Mesa CA.

One of the most effective and widely used methods is waxing and, while not permanent, it will last four to six weeks before regrowth is visible. Hair can be removed through waxing from nearly every skin surface including face, eyebrows, bikini area, legs, arms, and underarms.

Depending on the area where the hair is to be removed, the site might need to be prepared by trimming the hair to a length of less than one-inch and applying talcum or baby powder. There must be enough hair for the wax to attach to and the powder prevents the skin from sticking to the wax.

The types of waxing typically practiced at salons like Beautiful You by Christine include the following.

* Strip Waxing – Sometimes called soft waxing, this method is performed by smoothing a thin coating of wax on the hair to be removed. A strip of paper or cloth is firmly pressed against the skin after which the strip is abruptly pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth but parallel to the skin to reduce the occurrence of bruising and ingrown hairs.

* Stripless Waxing – This form Waxing in Mesa CA is also called hard waxing and does not use paper or cloth strips. The wax is applied in a thick coat and, as it cools, it hardens, allowing easy removal without paper or cloth strips. Because the wax doesn’t stick to the skin as much as strip wax, it is the best choice for those with sensitive skin. This method is typically less painful because the wax completely traps the hair when it hardens.

Hair removal through waxing on the private and sensitive body areas is best performed by a licensed professional known as an esthetician. The bikini area is one area that is extremely sensitive, and the skilled esthetician will use several small strips of cloth or paper, which is less painful than using larger sections. Licensed estheticians are very discreet and do everything they can to make the experience as comfortable as possible. For more information contact Lovely Salon & Cosmetic Center.

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