Get The Rehabilitation Therapy In Old Saybrook CT You Need

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Health Care

After an accident, injury or illness, rehabilitation is almost always necessary to return to health. After a hospital stay, it’s important the individual receive the therapy before they return to their homes. Rehabilitation Therapy in Old Saybrook CT offers a wide range therapy including speech, occupational and speech therapy in a comfortable and unique unit which includes all of the amenities needed. A patient is eligible to stay in the unit for 100 days but may be able to go home in less than two weeks. They offer short-term rehabilitation that is high-powered for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Physical therapy is designed to improve strength and range of motion. After surgery or a hospital stay, the muscles can become weak. Strengthening these muscles is the path to successfully recovering. Living independently with the proper balance and coordination is very important to the safety of the individual. Also included in physical therapy is would care and pain management. Working with a caring and compassionate therapist will encourage recovery while improving an individual’s health. Occupational therapy is available for maximizing someone’s independence with daily functions. This type of therapy includes training in various activities and improvement of gross and fine motor skills. This could include adaptive positioning and improving the upper extremity region. It could also include equipment that will improve someone’s quality of life while they remain in their home.

Rehabilitation Therapy in Old Saybrook CT also includes speech-language pathology. After a stroke, the inability to speak or to swallow properly can become an issue. A therapist offers training in these areas and cognitive deficits in memory. They can also assist with regaining reading and writing abilities. Rehabilitation in any of the areas requires a thorough evaluation by a therapist. They will create a plan of care specifically tailored to the patient’s needs and areas which need improvement. The main goal of rehabilitation or therapy is to improve the quality of life for the patient in a team-oriented setting. The therapists will work with the patient, encourage them through the process. For more information on therapy and rehabilitation, please feel free to visit website .

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