Going Through Chiropractic Adjustments After an Accident in Lancaster

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Chiropractor

Were you recently involved in a car accident? If yes, you could be suffering from a herniated disc. You may also be dealing with a shoulder injury. Nonetheless, you can be helped. Seek a car injury doctor in Lancaster, CA.

Going Through the First Treatments

If you have a herniated disc, you may feel a certain type of pain that radiates throughout your body. This pain may especially be felt in your lower back. You may also feel a sharp pain that is felt in your legs. In this case, you may also have sciatica. Regardless of your issues, you can be helped if you seek a car injury doctor in Lancaster, CA. You may need to go through several chiropractic adjustments in the beginning. These adjustments are meant to realign your spinal joints. These adjustments also remove pressure from the nerves. You may also go trough spinal decompression therapy. In this case, your spine will be gently stretched. This treatment decreases pressure between the discs.

Other Forms of Treatments Available

If you are in severe pain, you may struggle to perform daily activities. In this case, electrotherapy may be for you. Electrotherapy is great for pain management. This form of therapy is great against muscle spams. It can also improve blood circulation. Your body can also be treated with cold laser therapy. This type of therapy could help you recover faster. The wavelengths of light can be applied on areas like your lower back. Over time, you should become more mobile as well.

Wellness programs are also available. You can learn more by contacting Allied Chiropractic.

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