Healthy Tips from a Foot Doctor or Podiatrist in Munster, Indiana

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Podiatrists

Feet-related problems such as wounds, pain, or abnormal growth like bunions often cause discomfort. You can see a podiatrist in Munster, Indiana, to prevent the foot issue from progressing. Podiatrists advise people on ways to avoid foot injuries and manage these conditions. Below are some of the tips.

Pick Shoes that Fit

Typically, shoes come with different designs, features, and materials. Factors such as room, weight, and sole texture of the shoe play a significant role. For instance, if the shoes are too tight, heavy, and stiff in the middle, they are likely to cause foot problems. It would be best to sample the shoes before purchasing them to ensure comfort.

Avoid Putting on Heels Daily

Wearing heels frequently puts you at risk of abnormal foot growth since they gather your toes at one point. High heels also lack shock absorbers, which could lead to joint pain. Wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet healthy, preferably those with a broader toe box.

Ensure Your Feet Are Dry

Moisture accumulation in your toenails can promote the growth of foot fungus. Clean the sweat and ensure your feet are dry after showering to avoid such issues. Moreover, fungi are highly contagious. Always wear shoes in public areas, such as gym showers and pools, to avoid being a victim.

Visit a podiatrist immediately if your feet develop issues. A certified podiatrist in Munster, Indiana, will diagnose the condition of your feet and recommend the best treatment plan, so you have healthy feet. You can schedule a check-up on Mitchell Foot & Ankle’s website.

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