How Parents Begin Working With a Pediatrician in Summerville

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Health

A pediatrician in Summerville, SC is a specialist who provides age-specific medical services. A pediatric physician undergoes years of intensive education. This training gives them the unique qualifications to diagnose and treat newborns and children. They often see the same patient until that individual becomes a young adult. A pediatric team tends to a child’s general wellness, tackles major illnesses, and handles lots of preventative care issues.


A newborn is examined shortly after birth. After that, parents will need to get a well-baby checkup. During this exam, a physician will thoroughly scrutinize a baby’s physical health. They may pick up on an illness or other medical conditions. At this visit, parents can ask questions and learn how to become active participants in their child’s development. The office will set families up for routine healthcare visits.


A newborn typically goes to a pediatrician’s office about two to three weeks after they leave the hospital. During a child’s first year, they will likely need to visit a doctor every few months. After that, the schedule may shift to annual checkups.

Injuries and Illness

Children will need to see pediatricians for illnesses or injuries in between regular checkups. Pediatricians are on call 24 hours a day. Your doctor may prescribe medicine or refer you to another specialist. In an emergency, an individual should go to a hospital or seek immediate emergency care. A pediatrician might be on staff at the facility, or the nurses may contact your doctor. In all situations, your own pediatrician is always a part of your medical team.

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