How Should You Properly Care for Hair Extensions in Scottsdale?

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Health Care

These days, hair extensions are more popular than ever before. Women now no longer have to wait to get the long, luxurious hair they have been longing for. With extensions, a woman can change up her hairstyle anytime she pleases, adding tons of volume, curl, and even highlights. To keep their hair accessories looking their best, it is important women know how to properly care for their Hair Extensions Scottsdale.

These tips should be used for caring for Hair Extensions Scottsdale:

• There are two main types of hair extensions one can choose between. Synthetic and natural extensions are cared for in much the same way. Some women choose synthetic extensions because they last longer and are less expensive. It is crucial a woman keeps her extensions clean and free of any styling product buildup and grime so they will continue to look their very best as long as possible.

• When washing hair extensions, it is important to make sure and use products that are made specifically for the type of extension. Gentle shampoos should be used along with leave-in conditioners. Ideally, one should allow the extensions to air dry after they have been cleaned. Using a hairdryer can lead to hair extension damage, causing frizzing and breakage.

• It is important the hair extensions are carefully detangled once they have been air dried. Brushing or combing while the extensions are wet can lead to damage and can shorten the life of the extensions. A wide-toothed comb is the best type of detangler for extensions, especially those that are wavy or curly.

• It is crucial one follows the instructions of the manufacturer before they attempt to style their hair extensions with any heat appliances. Curling irons and flat irons can melt synthetic extensions and should not be used unless they are heat-resistant.

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