How to Improve Your Healthcare in Griffin, Georgia

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Healthcare

The most common types of complaints received at clinics that specialize in internal medicine include heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It is not always possible to avoid these concerns, but there are ways that every patient can improve their health and make their healthcare services more effective. Here are some simple steps that could prove beneficial for every patient.

Stay in Touch

Follow through with rechecks and laboratory tests that a physician recommends. Preventative care like regular screenings and annual or semi-annual wellness visits, often make an early diagnosis more likely. The ability to catch and begin to treat an illness early is one of the easiest ways for Healthcare in Griffin GA to keep people feeling their best.

Follow Dietary Recommendations

Sugar, fat, and salt taste wonderful, but they often cause a lot of health issues and worsen other conditions. Schedule an appointment with a nutritionist, take a cooking class, and work with family members to learn about healthy eating and stay committed to the practice. As little as a 10 percent loss of body fat can vastly improve the quality of life for many patients.

Take all Prescriptions

Medication is often expensive and can cause side effects in some patients. However, Healthcare in Griffin GA relies on people following their medication recommendations exactly. If problems with the cost arise, talk to the staff for alternatives or information about programs that could lower the costs. People that lose medication or forget to take a dose can contact the facility or their pharmacist for advice. Fewer hospitalizations and better health overall often results from following instructions.

Mention all Concerns

A doctor cannot guess how someone feels or diagnose a problem if they are unaware of the signs people have experienced. Write down questions and concerns as they arise and bring them up at the next appointment. Doctors want to help, and they love to see proactive patients, so never feel hesitant or embarrassed to discuss health concerns.

Medical staff at facilities like Internal Medicine of Griffin see the healthcare practice as a partnership between the medical professionals and the patient. Contribute to the conversation and take the advice given by staff members seriously. For more information, click here.

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